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Stjepan Tomas, coach of Çaykur Rizespor, who will face Kasımpaşa on the road in the second week of the Super League on Sunday, September 20, said, „We want to return from Kasımpaşa with three points.“ Tomas, Mehmet Cengiz Facilities before training, said that Kasımpaşa is a good team. „Our goal is 3 points.“ Stating that it will be a tough match for them, Tomas said, „Kasımpaşa is playing very well. They lost the first match. they will concentrate better. But we have analyzed Kasımpaşa well. We work very well in training as a team. We want to return from Kasımpaşa with three points in the second week of the league. “ „We expect a transfer within 1-2 days.“ Stating that the transfer work continues, Tomas said, „We expect a transfer within 1-2 days. We will receive a player in the style of a center-back, a midfielder, and a second striker.“ „Referees should be more careful.“ Referring to referee mistakes, Tomas said, „Maybe the performance of the referees has dropped due to the pandemic. They haven’t managed a match for a long time. But they should be more careful. Because we work hard here and make a lot of effort. Such mistakes affect the match.“ „Muriqi scores 18-20 goals“ Tomas said, „Can Vedat Muric be successful in Italy?“ „We know Vedat Muric while working here with Okan Buruk teacher. Vedat put a lot of it on him. I think he is ready for the Italian League. He will score at least 18-20 goals if it is good this year.“ replied. & nbsp;

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