Those who wanted to strengthen their immune systems immediately after the pandemic process in Tokat turned to natural products. Royal jelly, which is produced around 10 kilos per year throughout the city, was among the most sought after products. The producers started to be unable to meet the demands in royal jelly, which is sold for 70 to 100 lira for a dessert spoon and 7 thousand to 10 thousand liras per kilo.


Stating that royal jelly is beneficial for human health and is in high demand, Tokat Bee Farmers Association President Ali Demir said, “With the coronavirus epidemic that started in February last year in our country, there was an intense demand for royal jelly. Milk is a product produced in the spring months. It is generally produced in full in April and May. In Tokat, a production of approximately 8 to 12 kilograms was realized in the 2020 season last year. This production has also been consumed rapidly in the face of intense demand. Our production will start again towards the middle of April. Production and sales of royal jelly will begin to take place again. We sold 7 to 10 lira per gram in 2020. Our retail prices were between 7 thousand and 10 thousand liras per kilogram. regenerates the cells in the body Only queen bees consume royal jelly in their hives. It lives between 5-7 years since it is fed with iron. Bees live between 35 or 40 days in a season. They live for a period of 6 months when they are not working in winter. Royal jelly is a product that adds life to life and life.


Stating that royal jelly should not be touched with metal, Demir said, “We recommend adding 60 grams of royal jelly, 100 grams of pollen, 50 grams of bee bread and 20 grams of propolis to about 1 kilogram of honey, mixing it with a wooden spoon and consuming it in that way. “We recommend wooden spoons as it loses its quality at the moment. It preserves its value when consumed with a wooden spoon. It also loses its character the moment it sees sunlight and is in a hot environment. That’s why we wrap it in foil paper with jars and keep them in the refrigerator.”

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