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Senol Güneş, coach of our national football team, asked no questions at the press conference and said, “This is why we came here!” “No question?” Sun made its debut, “Is this why we came here?” Şenol Güneş: “Lost 2 points” & nbsp; A National Football Team’s coach Şenol Güneş spoke to TRT, the broadcaster after the Serbia match. “We were more positive than the first game. We played resistant until 10 people remained. I am satisfied with the game. I am satisfied with the team as a team game. We started the search after 10 people remained. Then the opponent started to come. We wanted to demolish them from the wings. 2 points. “” THE GAME HAS COME TO US … “” Zeki had a little tension in the groin. Other than that, there was no injury. This is also important. The players are very important for both clubs and ours. Okay or Efecan could not be put into the game. We wanted to take action in the offense. We explained our goals. We took the field to win the matches. The first match was disappointing except what we thought. We could win. The game came to us, but we did not get a result. 5 minutes were 10 persons. We could find positions. We could force the opponent into error with the tempo. They played stronger, too. “” WE TRYED TO NOT ATTACK THE PLAYERS “” It is not clear what the future will be. Their clubs can play the group of players we play now, one after the other, during the pandemic period. We tried not to wear down the actors. Our loss is the match against Hungary. We have 3 matches in October. Germany friendly and Serbia vs Russia matches. For example Cengiz, we got into the game with 2-3 training sessions. We thought we could score goals with his skill. He could not find himself in tempo yet. Likewise, some of the players from the sidelines also happened. They will come playing a match in October. We make our choices accordingly. We could not make variations in offense. I might not have played Enes either. He also came with 2-3 training sessions. Orkun is also positive. He knows what he’s doing. Talented actress. I am satisfied with all of them. I am happy with the whole team in terms of intention, but we should have found more positions and scored after 10 opponents remained. “

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    Superbahis tebrik etti” şeklindeki açıklamaları, Erling Haaland’ın sürecin henüz başındayken yaptığı

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    Superbahis oğlu büyüyor ve burada kaldığı süre boyunca daha da büyüyecek.

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    Bahisgo şekilde; ”Trabzonspor’dan ya da başka bir takımdan teklif almadık. Nino,

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    Betkanyon/ that many things on social media are not right, right

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    Perabet/ with the ubuk. What a great honor to fight for

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    Bahislion/ Bursaspor ile karşılaşan Ankaragücü, sahadan 1-0 mağlup ayrıldı. Karşılaşmanın ardından

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