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Galatasaray Club, in the statement made by President Mustafa Cengiz, announced that all football players were paid perfect earnings until October, and two players who did not accept the discount were paid incomplete salaries.

In the statement made by the yellow-red club, the percentage of salary It was said that the players who did not accept the 15% discount were made with this discount.

Here is Galatasaray’s explanation:

paid in the way. Football players who do not accept a 15 percent reduction in their salaries were also paid with this discount. ”

Statement on football team wages

— Galatasaray SK (@GalatasaraySK) October 9, 2020


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“We paid all salaries except October! We paid underpayment to two people, I’ll tell you what the hell they got. There is one more, we do not have it right now! They did not accept 15%. Society needs to act. have an image about Turkey. We have to make a challenge. ”

After the president of Galatasaray, Mustafa Cengiz, the founding president of the yellow-red club, Ali Sami Yen, announced that there were two footballers who did not accept the salary reduction after the ceremony, discussions started over the names. According to the allegations; The two names pointed out by President Cengiz are Younes Belhanda and Sofiane Feghouli.

The yellow-red team of the Moroccan number 10 Younes Belhanda has previously complained to FIFA, in the same way that Algerian Feghouli has also brought the issue to FIFA for payment of their receivables. It was suggested.


Mustafa Cengiz: I want to hold the financial general assembly and go to the elections as soon as possible

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