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Tolgay Arslan, who mutually terminated his contract with Fenerbahçe, made an agreement with the Italian team Udinese. In Fenerbahçe, who asked the players who received high wages to go for a discount in the new season planning and separated their ways with some football players, an agreement was not reached with Tolgay Arslan for the new season. Tolgay Arslan, who separated his ways with the yellow-blue team because of his high number, agreed with Udinese, one of the Italian Series A teams. The successful player that Udinese Coach Luca Gotti wants to see in the team is expected to be announced soon. Tolgay Arslan, whom Kenan Koçak, the coach of Bundesliga 2 team Hannover 96, wanted in his team but could not be added to his staff because of his high annual income, was on the list of former Galatasaray coach Igor Tudor when he was coaching Udinese

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