The accident occurred on the road to the Animal Bazaar in the Çeştepe District of Aydın’s Efeler district. According to the information obtained, the driver of the 09 LZ 900 plate under the administration of Ayşegül Aydın flew to the roadside irrigation channel as a result of the loss of control of the steering wheel.

Upon the notification of the citizens who saw the accident, 112 Emergency Service, police and firefighters were dispatched to the region. The teams that came to the scene raced against time to save the driver in the car, which was completely submerged in water. Aydin Metropolitan Municipality and called rescuers to the crash Fire Department crews pulled from the canal cars plunged into the water.

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The car’s female driver Aydin, was taken by ambulance removed from the vehicle. The young woman driver was taken to Adnan Menderes University Practice and Research Hospital by ambulance after the first intervention. The car driver Ayşegül Aydın, who could not be rescued despite all the interventions of the medical teams, died on the road.

The investigation into the accident continues.

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