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Galatasaray Chairman Mustafa Cengiz, found in yellow and red team’s UEFA Europa League 2nd Neftchi Qualifying Tour statement on Azerbaijan’s CBC Sport television before the match against Baku. & Nbsp; Parviz Musayev with Elchin Cafarov’s hosted the Football programs from Turkey Mustafa Cengiz, who was a guest on the phone, started his speech by sending greetings to the people of Azerbaijan and Netfçi Baku supporters. President Cengiz, who evaluated the Netfçi match, said, „You will have a match with your brother, and you will be victorious or defeated. Two feelings are together. Thankfully, it was our chance to play with you. We are very happy. „Our Scout teams should examine“ Cengiz answered the question „Do you consider transferring players from Azerbaijan“, „B We need to return to our own resources. To Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan … Our scout teams should examine. I hope we will work in this direction, „he said.“ We have work on the midfield „Cengiz also touched on the transfer to the midfield,“ People are struggling to find the perfect, you can never achieve the perfect. But we scored the most goals in the league without the striker, it was said that there was no defense, and we became the team to score the least goals in the league. He ended his words by saying, „We have works on the midfield, I hope we will make the fans happy.“

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