Şahin, who replaces Sergen Yalçın, who could not be at the head of the black and white team in the first match of the league because the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) test was positive, made a statement to the club’s YouTube channel.

Sahin repeating his wishes to get past Sergen Yalçın, said, “It was important to start the league with a derby win on the road. We succeeded in the first game. This week we forgot this match and completed the preparations for the Antalyaspor match. We made all our preparations both tactical and game. We want to win from there, too. That’s why our players, we will do our best. ” he spoke.

Stating that they did not intend to use Beşiktaş’s new transfer Josef de Souza until they were ready, Murat Şahin said:

süperbahis giriş tavsiye ettiğimiz önemli bir bahis oynama şirketidir.

“As of Tuesday, he started training with us. The players just arrived, we are in a preparation period as a whole team. He also needs a certain time. We do not want to use the players before they are ready. We have a long process ahead. There are 38 weeks, UEFA and cup matches. We think to use it when it is ready. We both started training with the team and there is an extra training program. When they complete them, they will join us as soon as possible and it will be useful to our team. ” yenilenen adresi olarak karşımıza çıkıyor. giriş sonrası %100 Hoşgeldin promosyon kazanabiliyorsunuz.

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