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Max Kruse, who signed the Union Berlin, who unilaterally terminated his contract with Fenerbahçe and was defendant with the yellow-dark blue team, made a statement to the German press.

Kruse stated that he was doing what he had to do and said, “If I have to do something, I will and nobody in the world other than my family It cannot dissuade me. I have always been open and honest. You cannot please everybody in this life. There will always be people with different opinions than you. ” He said.

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Stating that the performance on the field will make everything forget, the German player said, “I have always done what needs to be done. As in everything, the performance is looked at in the end in football. If you are performing on the field, you do not have to say anything to anyone outside. If I did not do a good job. the situation could have worsened for me. ” “My son lives in America and I wanted to go to America. I could not spend a lot of time with him in the last 10 years and something should change.” But at the end of the day I realized I had a career to play at a higher level instead of MLS, and I decided to show it back to people in Germany. ” he spoke.

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  1. Aslan dedi ki:

    Superbahis yanaşmayan Douglas ve Mirin’le de ikna görüşmelerini sürdürüyor. Hem limitte

  2. AÇIKLANDI dedi ki:

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  3. Kadıoğlu dedi ki:

    Onbahis/ he was a guest in the Netherlands, 4-0, matched with

  4. Galatasaray'ın dedi ki:

    Atlantisbahis/ haftada da Yukatel Denizlispor ile 0-0 berabere kalarak galip gelemedi.İlk

  5. sözleşme dedi ki:

    Vegabet/ sana bırak dese bile stoperin de vurması lazım. Kaleci dese

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