The incident took place in Bahçelievler Şirinevler Mahallesi Gamsız Sokak, at around 18:00 on Friday. According to the information obtained, Sevim Sökmensuer (37), who lived with her sister, started to argue with her boyfriend Orhan A. for an unspecified reason. As the verbal discussion turned into a fight after a while, Orhan A. injured his girlfriend with a knife. Orhan A., who was also injured during the incident, collapsed while trying to escape from the house. Citizens who saw the incident informed the police and medical teams. While the injured Orhan A. was taken to the hospital, police and medical teams went to Sevim Sökmensuer’s house after he told him about the incident. In the first examination, it was determined that Sökmensuer died. Following the work on the scene, the body of Sevim Sökmensuer was first sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute and then to his hometown, Afyonkarahisar for burial.

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One of the residents of the building, Güner Karaoğlu, telling about the incident, said, “We were at home that day. We heard voices from outside. When we left the house, we learned that the murder had been committed, but we later learned about the consequences. Two women previously lived in this house. Then 6 months ago a man came to them. Then we learned that they stabbed each other. We heard that the lady was dead. That stabbed also ran away. The taxi stand is piled up there. He was taken to the hospital. We know he is currently in intensive care. The lady also died. Rest in peace. These murders must be prevented. Every day, we hear about femicide from everywhere. We don’t want to hear them anymore. We did not hear that moment, but from that moment we witnessed him as soon as he did. At that moment it was not heard at all. We also talked to other neighbors. Not the slightest sound was heard. They probably stabbed each other during the fight. One of them died and the other was injured. We had no neighborhood, but when we saw it on the street, we said hello. They were people after all. We know that no lady deserves to die this way. It shouldn’t be. Sorry, frankly, he said.

It was learned that Orhan A., who stabbed his girlfriend, was being treated in the intensive care unit at Bakırköy Sadi Konuk Education and Research Hospital. It turned out that Sevim Sökmensuer, who passed away, shared a video he took before his death on social media.

The police continue to investigate the incident.

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