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Although Larin returned from loan after Burak Yılmaz’s transfer to Lille, Beşiktaş’s eye was on Kasımpaşa Fode Koita, who still wanted to transfer to the striker zone.

The situation of Koita was asked by Beşiktaş after Kasımpaşa, who was effective in the goal path with the duo of Mame Thiam and Koita last season, gave Mame Thiam free of charge to Fenerbahçe. However, the Kasımpaşa management rejected Beşiktaş, stating that Koita was the player who was most important to them and that they did not intend to sell him.

A flash for Beşiktaş’s star! Official offer is on its way …

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According to the report of beIN Sports, it was stated that the Gineli striker wanted to go to Beşiktaş. It was stated that the 29-year-old star striker, who was very warm to the idea of ​​running the ball in the black and white team, saw the offer from Beşiktaş as an opportunity of great importance and said, „I want to continue my career in Beşiktaş, show the necessary ease“.

It was noted that Beşiktaş continued to insist on Koita and planned to sit at the table with Kasımpaşa in a short time.

Fode Koita, who was tied to the colors of Kasimpasa for 300 thousand Euros from Blackburn Rovers during the halftime of the 2015-2016 season, played in 87 games in total in the Super League where he had been running for 4.5 seasons, scoring 23 goals and 10 assists.

Ajdin Hasic at the countdown


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