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Yukatel Denizlispor, one of the Super League teams, signed a 1-year contract with Sakıb Aytaç and a 4-year contract with Özer Özdemir.
A signing ceremony was held at Haluk Ulusoy Facilities due to the transfer of 28-year-old left-back Sakıb Aytaç and 22-year-old right-back Özer Özdemir, who played in Yeni Malatyaspor last season.
Denizlispor Club Vice President Kaan Şanlıkan said that they struggled for a long time for transfers, it was not easy for them.
Şanlıkan said:

„We made a 4-year agreement with Özer. Sakıb had played in Denizlispor 9 years ago. We tried hard to bring Sakıb to the team last year and in the previous years and it did not happen. This year, our right and left back are in safe hands. Hopefully both are very. They show good performances. It was not easy transfers. I hope they will pay off for our efforts on the field. “

Sportive director Burak Özsaraç stated that they will make 2 more transfers in the first place, and they are working to get a player in a midfield and a wing position.

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Özsaraç said, „Our negotiations are continuing. One of our stoppers is on the way. We will sign the official contract on Monday. We think that our staff structure is completed after these players arrive. We have a time until October 5th. In line with the report of our coach, we can consider transferring again if we need.“ he spoke.

Sakıb Aytaç, who signed Denizlispor for 1 year, expressed his happiness to be in the team and said, „I was here 9 years ago. I was younger and inexperienced at that time. It was possible to come back. Now I feel more mature and experienced. I hope here is a lot to the goals of our club. we will work well. “ found the assessment.
Özer Özdemir, on the other hand, stated that he wanted to come to Denizlispor very much and that the managers were very helpful to him and said, „I will do my best to bring the team to good places. We have goals. I hope we will achieve this.“ used the expressions.

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