Erdal Otçu was the chairman of the general assembly which was held in Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center Mehmet Gazi Hall and attended by 391 of 746 members.

It was accepted that the board of directors would consist of 1 chairman and 14 members at the general assembly, where the executive and supervisory board reports were read and voted.

Club president Ali Çetin said in his speech that they will work more with the new management team.

Reminding that they have moved the team to the Super League from the day they took office, Çetin said, “We are proud that we gave the team the excitement of 10 years ago. The friends who were traveling with us in the past were tired, so they asked us permission this season. It had to be a congress to continue right after. ” he said.

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Stating that they were going through a difficult period in terms of both income and health, Çetin continued as follows:
“We had a difficult period and we managed to stay in the league. We want to finish our transfers as a point shot and watch a good Denizlispor. This season will be a good Denizlispor. We also want to make our fans happy. However, there is a problem between the publisher and our revenues. No club is a penny. This makes it difficult for the clubs. Despite this, we are struggling with heart and soul to lift the transfer bans. At the same time, we are making great efforts to make transfers and pay them. It is not an easy process. May God help us and other clubs. “

Ali Çetin, who was re-elected president in the voting, thanked the Denizlispor delegates right after the extraordinary general assembly.

Çetin’s new board of directors consisted of Salin Özcan, Can Cesur, Serkan Başbuğ, Kaan Şanlıkan, Ozan Katrancı, Nevzat Yakı, Uğur Bağbaşlıoğlu, Levent Çaputçu, Yavuz Cinkaya, Fikret Onur, Tolga Erbey, Mehmet Kavak, Hayati Işık and Taner Atilla .

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    Istanbulbahis Capital Foro Italico Sports Complex in the capital city, continued

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    Gencobahis for the loss of income, is approximately 250. -300 million

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    Betist/ değişti. Peki değişen ne var? 4 MHK değiştikten sonra tartışmalar,

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