25-year-old Cansu Tarhan, who was a fitness trainer, took a scooter from Maltepe to her workplace in Kadıköy.

Tarhan was attacked by stray dogs wandering in front of Maltepe Municipality. Panicized, the young woman lost her balance and fell to the ground in the middle of the street.

Seeing the incident, the municipality employees rushed to the aid of Cansu Tarhan. Employees chasing the dogs took the young woman to the hospital by putting her in the car. Tradesmen who have workplaces on the street also asked the authorities for help, saying that stray dogs had attacked others before.

“I want them to find a solution to this issue”

Cansu Tarhan, telling about the fearful moments, said, “I was attacked by dogs in front of the municipality at around 08:00 on my way out of the house in the morning and I fell very badly. Thanks to Allah, the employees of the municipality rushed to my aid and took the dogs away. Thanks to them, I am a little better. but employees could perhaps worse results had not. I could have been bitten, I hurt. Just one request, I expect support from the authorities. I want them to find a solution to this issue, “he said.

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” 4 units the dog started jumping on me “

Tarhan,” When I was going to work with a scooter, four dogs suddenly started jumping on me. I lost my balance and fell face down. n, I injured my elbow, knees. I have scars on my waist. The dogs had no earrings in their ears. I am waiting for a solution from the authorities.

“Customers are changing ways”

Residents also complain about aggressive stray dogs.

Tradesman Ayhan Kılıçer said, “I am an optician, I am a tradesman here. We are particularly complaining about dogs. The animals must have adopted this place. They attack here at crossings. They also attack engines. Several times we searched for places we needed to search. We called the white table. They said things like we can’t take dogs, we can’t take them. There are 10-12 dogs here. The customer is changing the way. They are crossing over. If they are going to stop, they will not stop, “he said.

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