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In black and white, eyes turned to coach Sergen Yalçın. Yalçın, who will hold a press conference upon the increasing criticism after the bad result of the matches played with PAOK and Sivasspor, in Beşiktaş, which will fight in 3 lanes next season, will appear before the journalists at 13.30 in Ümraniye on Monday and all the curious questions are the first. will answer in unison. Here are some of the questions waiting for Sergen Yalçın: * Why was Beşiktaş not prepared for the Champions League? Why was there a PAOK match without a single friendly match? Did Beşiktaş believe that „we cannot pass 3 rounds anyway“? * Wasn’t it easier to enter the Giants League with 4 matches than to pass the 42 game period and enter the Champions League? * Is there any unusualness between the names found by the management and the scout team in the players requested in the transfer? * If Beşiktaş had a wider hand, would he want N’Sakala and Welington again then? * Will not be paid a higher fee when the rental fee and salary are added to the striker who will replace Burak Yılmaz, who was sent for 2.7 million euros?

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