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Beşiktaş Vice President Emre Kocadağ made special statements to A Spor regarding the transfer agenda of the black and white team. Kocadağ stated that they are in contact with Nikola Kalinic and 1-2 more strikers. About Papiss Cisse, whose name is often referred to as Beşiktaş, Emre Kocadağ said „He was one of the 3-4 striker candidates we contacted, but now other names are a little ahead of him.“ While using his statements, Balotelli, Montero, Nazım Sangare and Gökhan Töre also spoke about their transfers. The headlines of Emre Kocadağ’s statements are as follows:
There are 2-3 names we interviewed in the forward, they were also reflected in the press. We are also meeting with Kalinic. 3-4 million euros salary from us, 3-4 years contract, 15-20 million contracts we will not sign, if anyone has these expectations, do not be sorry.
Why are these jobs taking so long? We have the ability and connection to end the transfer immediately, nobody should doubt. But in terms of cost, we look at how we pull down the transfers, how we make the right transfers. We will make a good name in the forward.
Cisse was one of the 3-4 striker candidates we contacted, but now the other names are a little ahead of him. We are negotiating with Kalinic and 1-2 alternatives, at least 1-2 alternatives in its quality. WE HIRE MONTERO
I hope Montero will be in Istanbul tomorrow. A young defender, we hired him.
We are thinking of a right back transfer. Nazım Sangare is also a Turkish and national team player. If we agree with the club, but there are also alternative players, we will bring whichever makes sense.
We had a few meetings with Enzo Roco to terminate the contract. We have the situation to put the final point today or tomorrow.
Vida’s acting and character is indisputable but a very costly actor. There are offers coming, we hope that he is a player with a market in Europe. How persistent the offers will be, how much they will save us from the cost, we will decide.
GÖKHAN TÖRE OUR TEACHER WANTS Gökhan Töre is a player we love and we know. He has a contract with his club, if it can be resolved, he is one of the players that our teacher would like to see.

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