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Stating that the Corona virus pandemic affected them negatively, Çebi said about the PAOK defeat, „The pandemic once beat us very late. The league ended too late. We struggled to get the team behind. There were departures and it is not easy to find a man in 1 week and 10 days instead of those who left. 10 days You sign a signature in it for 3 years and 5 years. We could not play a preparatory match. So it happened, but we are hopeful of both the transfers received and the arrivals „.
Questions about new transfers „Are you asking me?“ jokes Ahmet Nur Çebi said, „Transfers are studied and not talked about. It means that none of them are realized without signing gold. When we talk like you said A and B happened, the names that come out of our mouth excite our fans. This is the subject of bargaining. Sometimes the club gives the football player does not come. Sometimes the footballer wants to come and the club does not give, sometimes both of them do not suit us. „I do not make a statement without signing to the gold.“ Çebi stated that the spending limits ongoing debate before the new season are forcing the clubs, „This season is applied for the first time and is a big problem for Beşiktaş as well as for other clubs. This is a practice that requires clubs to act cautiously in order to overcome the economic bottleneck they are in. Our previous president signed this under this and the current limits do not allow us to make any transfers. We need to send some of our footballers to clear our way. We are talking, I hope it will be beneficial for both those who leave and for friends who will come. We will get too tired. We will give the players a lot of money and have a low income season. It is not a good thing for us. we said goodbye He served us a lot, and he was loved very much. If you don’t leave it in taste, then we will start talking about my beautiful Quaresma in a different way. I hope our transfers will make our fans happy. ”Çebi said about the facility he opened in Didim,“ I hope a beautiful work will be useful to the country. It already seems that it will also benefit Beşiktaş. He said, „As Beşiktaş fans, we know the pledge of faith“.

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