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After Burak Yılmaz’s departure, it is wondered who will be the new center in Beşiktaş. There was a surprising development in the black and white team, which has met with many stars but has not yet been able to complete the transfer.

In the meeting held with the management at BJK Nevzat Demir Facilities the previous day, Yalçın stated that there were technical mistakes as well as individual mistakes in the PAOK match, and that the deficiency in the two regions caused some balances to play in the team.

Surprise claim for Beşiktaş! Negotiations started

According to Milliyet’s report, the Beşiktaş Administration, acting more quickly in the transfer, will try to fill at least one of these positions next week. The executives insist on Kalinic for the striker. The administrators will also meet with people who are not on Sergen Yalçın’s list. The management, which did not completely shelve the Balotelli and Modeste options, will meet with these names if necessary.

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The first statement from Atakan Üner! „I’ve been passionate since I was little“

On the other hand, the black-and-whites agreed to lease Atletico Madrid’s 21-year-old defender Francisco Montero for a year. Although the attempts to get the young star from Atletico Madrid with a bonservice did not yield results, positive steps were taken in the 1-year lease.

The Spanish defender, who played on loan in Deportivo La Coruna last season, is expected to come to Istanbul at the beginning of the week and undergo health checks. He had approved Sergen Yalçın’s transfer to Montero. He can play both as a center back and a left back.

The screw is released

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