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Galatasaray, which finished the league in sixth place last season and remained far from its goals, will host Gaziantep in its first match with its renewed team. In Aslan, who had an extraordinary preparation period due to the pandemic, in addition to new transfers, the inclusion of conditioner Scott Piri in the team relieved coach Fatih Terim. One of the transfers that most pleased the experienced teacher was his former student Arda Turan. Star footballer whom Terim sees as his son, leadership of the team on the field and brotherhood outside the field

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New victories…

Galatasaray, which he called ‚my home‘ after nine years‘ Arda Turan, who returned to Gaziantep, will be in the first 11 with the captain band on his arm in the Gaziantep match.

The 33-year-old star player will fight with Galatasaray in an official match after 3 thousand 403. At the meeting he held with his experienced star teammates who did not hide his excitement, he said, „I am like the children waiting for the holiday. I want you to experience this excitement. When Galatasaray is mentioned, victories always come to mind. Let’s run together for new victories.“


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