Speaking at the signing ceremony held at Cengiz Aydoğan Sports Facilities, club president Hasan Çavuşoğlu stated that they continue their transfer studies before the new season.

Lastly, Çavuşoğlu explained that they reinforced the striker line with Bareiro, “He is also a player of the Paraguay National Team. I hope he will play for a year on loan. We have transferred it because we believe that he will contribute to our team and will do very well with us. Good luck to both our community and Bareiro He said, “May God have the opportunity to spend an accident-free season.”
Çavuşoğlu said in his evaluation regarding the first stage camp:

“We weren’t able to play many preparatory matches there. I hope we will play 3 friendly matches in the second stage camp and get ready for the league. Our team is motivated. I saw that the training went well in a nice family environment. It was a good work with a new technical team and our new players. I hope we will include it in the last camp. Today we included Bareiro. Apart from that, our transfers will be in the coming days. They will also participate in the camp. “

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Bareiro: “I believe I will be useful”

Adam Bareiro thanked everyone who deemed himself worthy of Alanyaspor and said, “In my research, I learned how beautiful and how organized the club is. I am proud that they called me here. I believe that I will be beneficial to my team with my game and my effort.” used the expressions.

Bareiro, who also sent a message to the fans, stated that he would not run away from the fight and would show all his efforts.

Following the statements, Adam Bareiro signed the contract that binds him to orange-green colors for a year.

Akdeniz team announced their new transfet with this video.

Welcome, ADAM!


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