In his statement, Büyükekşi stated that with the decision taken by the TFF, 21 teams will take part in the league next year, and therefore the clubs will be financially difficult. The president of the red-black club claimed that the A National Football Team, which will participate in the European Football Championship, will be in trouble because the Super League will end in mid-May.

Stating that each team will play 40 games in the league this season, Büyükekşi said, „We do not want our revenues to decrease either by the broadcaster or by using other means.“ he said.

Büyükekşi stated that the cost of foreign player transfers in clubs increased by 30 percent compared to last year due to the increase in the dollar and euro, and that this put the teams in an economic bottleneck.

Büyükekşi stated that there will be no audience until October due to the pandemic, and after this date, the matches will be played with a capacity of 30 percent, and that the club’s lodge, audience and sponsorship revenues will decrease.

Büyükekşi underlined that the expenses of the teams whose income decreased did not decrease, „This year, very difficult times are waiting for Turkish football. There is still no agreement with the publisher so far. No payment has been made.“ he spoke.

„Don’t play with the foreign player rule“

In the next period, Büyükekşi suggested that the obligation to play 4 domestic players for the liberation of the clubs and to have a maximum of 7 foreigners on the field without playing with the foreign rule, said, „Those who want to have 14 foreigners, but only 7 on the field. In order to ensure that all teams give importance to the infrastructure, the 2 players leaving here must be obliged to play in the first 11. Thus, budgets will be reduced. “ used the expressions.

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„We were successful last season“

Büyükekşi stated that they are satisfied with the results they got in their first season in the league as management and that they have drawn more successful graphics than many teams.

Emphasizing that the technical team, management and players managed to be a team despite being new, Büyükekşi said:

„Both in Turkey and was suspended for the league because of Kovid-19 event in the world. We have conducted this search in an extremely efficient manner. After the break, the only undefeated was super league team Gaziantep Football Club. This leads us also proud. Very big teams, even pandemic immediately after surprise They got unexpected defeats. This affected the championship, negatively affected the status of the relegated teams. Many players canceled their contracts. We also managed them. We did not lose any player from the team and we finished 8th in the league. „

Explaining that they set new targets for themselves in the new season, Büyükekşi stated that they will strive to be better than last year.

Büyükekşi, protecting the team by 95 percent, stating that they made 7 transfers on top of it, „Transfers will be reflected in the team as an additional power.“ made his comment.

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