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Carlos Salcedo, one of the names Trabzonspor wants to add to his squad for the stopper region, has covered a significant distance in the transfer. While the burgundy-blue people did not deny the negotiations with the player, it was learned that the cost figures were tried to be pulled to lower levels. It was learned that for the 26-year-old national player who played in Mexico’s Tigres team, Trazonspor could pay a very important rental fee and this transfer could take place in a short time if the club accepts it.
Coach Newton for the star who has a 2-year contract with the club had also given a positive report. In the meantime, while there were clearer statements about the transfer of the player in the Mexican press, belirtildi “the transfer is over and it is at the signature stage”. The 26-year-old and 1.84-meter right-footed defender who played in the USA, Italy and Germany in his career has played Tigres in 5 games so far this season.

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