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Turkey Basketball Federation (TBF) President Hedo Turkoglu, said Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall instead be held Basketball Development is thinking of leaving the task of opening the Center.
Sinan Erdem Press Sports Hall conference President Turkoglu, candidates in the General Assembly a question of whether I am a person winning the basketball life. Turkey Basketball Federation presidency of my volunteer work. this task we undertake for two periods.’re on a mission for four years. We tried to do something good for Turkish basketball. We passed through difficult period as a country but Thank God we are a solid standing team. I do not want to leave without opening the Basketball Development Center. My Presidency Advisory duty also continues. We think we have done both duties properly. We do not intend to leave the door of this facility without opening. ” >
Türko emphasized that they want to lay the foundation of Basketball Development Center as soon as possible. His son, “I thank everyone who contributed. We cannot thank enough to our sponsors. Turkey Basketball Federation, a federation thanks the sponsors that sustains 80 percent of the budget. Hopefully this will continue like this. We are a federation of Turkey Football Federation as deserving of independence, we want to express. We think we deserve independence. I want you to know that if we can succeed in this process, we can do bigger things “.


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