The images that flexed the pandemic measures at the wedding ceremony where Hasan Hüseyin Yaman, the son of AK Party Kocaeli Deputy Cemil Yaman, combined his life with Rümeysa Telli, created great controversy.

Highways with views of İzmit Bay and Osman Gazi Bridge in Dilovası The wedding ceremony at the facility was held on the day after the Ministry of Internal Affairs banned street and country weddings as of September 4, and imposed a one-hour time limit on weddings to be held as a wedding ceremony, and a ban on food and beverage. The wedding ceremony, which took place in a period when many wedding organizations were canceled due to pandemic bans, caused reactions due to the number of crowded guests, which was reflected to the public as 1,500, as well as the time limit and the provision of food and beverage, the jewelry ceremony and photo shoots.

Critical meeting! .. They will meet at the Ministry! Politics


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According to the news of Tufan Yılmaz from Hürriyet ; Cemil Yaman, the focus of criticism, dedim: “I do not regret it, I married my son. I also followed the pandemic rules. In fact, when I called to invite, we also informed our Minister of Health. Then there was no ban. The area where the wedding ceremony took place is 10 acres of land. Two of our friends measured the temperature of everyone who came in at the entrance. We did not let anyone in without a mask. We seated at most 5-6 people at 15-person tables. I did not even invite my friends to keep it from being crowded. Some people heard about it. I cannot say ‘don’t cometo the comers. The marriage lasted an hour and 15 dakika. So we were just over 15 dakika. It was because of those who wanted to take pictures with the bride and groom. Since we had guests coming from afar, we also offered food. (Laughing) I Ağrılıy, not doing anything, ‘I eat a meal without roadsthey say. “

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