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Trabzonspor made statements about the striker Alexander Sörloth, who did not return to Trabzon from Norway and did not participate in the training.
The statement made by the burgundy-blue club is as follows: „Our football player Alexander Sorloth has received an official transfer offer from RB Leipzig Club. This proposal is evaluated by our board of directors in line with the interests of our club.
While the process continues for an agreement that requires early termination of the rental agreement and will be agreed by all parties, our footballer Alexander Sorloth went to Norway to join the camp of his country’s national team. Our player, who should have been in Trabzon, informed us that he had a COVID-19 test in Oslo, that the PCR test would be concluded on Thursday, September 10, and that he would be in Trabzon on Friday, September 11. The relevant articles in our club’s disciplinary instructions has been entered.
Respectfully announced to the public. „


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