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Aslan once again found the midfielder he was looking for from England. The British player Jack Wilshere, who has been trying to terminate his contract with Cimbom West Ham United, who has been added for a long time because he was late in his 6-8 transfer, connects to the colors ..
The star player, who has a 3-year agreement, is expected to be announced in a short time. It was learned that the 28-year-old star will be paid 1 million euros in signature money. It was recorded that 1.1 million euros in the first year, 2.1 and 3.1 million euros in the following years. It was reported that Fatih Terim gave approval for the British midfielder, which was on the agenda when Galatasaray wore Arsenal form in 2018. This transfer is handled by Administrative Manager Şükrü Hanedar and manager Willim D’Avilla, whose name has been frequently mentioned recently. The 1.72 midfield played 10 games last season, scoring 1 goal. Missed 22 games due to a groin injury.


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