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Galatasaray Vice President Yusuf Günay said that if 3 games in the first half of the league were without spectators, the first 3 games of the second half should be without spectators.

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Speaking to TRT Spor and noting that they applied to TFF to start the matches with spectators, Günay said. „Actually, it does not seem logical to play the first 3 matches without spectators. It does not seem that 30 percent of the audience will be taken from the 4th match. It is not in a situation that can be explained objectively how the 3 matches were selected. The seats will be empty. It is more reasonable to play the matches with spectators starting from the first week of the league. If you can start the 4th week, you can start the 1st week. If this is not possible, the first 3 weeks in the second half of the league should be played without an audience. People should be able to empathize. Our loss was great.For 1 season, you play one of your 2 games of the highest quality without an audience and You are experiencing shame, this is not the right application. “ He said.

Galatasaray Gaziantep FK in the 1st week and Fenerbahçe derby in the 3rd week will be played without spectators.


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