It was stated that Fatih Terim also wanted to see Halil in the staff, and it was stated that no agreement has been reached with the Izmir team yet.

It is among the news that Göztepe asked for some money with the Martin Linnes exchange in this transfer.

From the German representative of Göztepe, whom Freiburg also tested for the 26-year-old footballer
It was emphasized that he requested 1 million 300 thousand euros.

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Halil Akbunar, who can wear on both wings, played 234 games in many different leagues with Göztepe form, scoring 34 goals and making 31 assists.

On the other hand, Diagne was praised for his performance in Galatasaray, which defeated Istanbulspor 1-0 in the friendly match.

The Senegalese striker, who played in the match at 11, scored the winning goal, and pleased the technical delegation with his willing appearance in the match.

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