According to the information obtained, Professor in the Selçuk University Alaaddin Keykubat Campus. Dr. Ahmet Acar (50), a lecturer in the Cataloging and Classification Service at the Erol Güngör Library, was found motionless next to the library stairs by his friends who came to plow overtime. It was determined that Ahmet Acar lost his life in the control made by the health officials who were sent to the scene after being informed. Thereupon, police teams were dispatched to the scene. No signs of beating or cutting tools were found in the first findings made by the police teams.

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The research carried out in Bosnia and Herzegovina residing in the neighborhood from time to time by the Lecturer Ahmet Acar was learned that the purpose of the sport by walking to ünivergüncel sites. It was detected by the security cameras that Ahmet Acar, who went to the university site by walking for about 25 minutes to his last shift, rested for a while in front of the library before starting his work. It was found that Acar became ill while resting and fell next to the stairs from a height of about one and a half meters and died at the scene.

Ahmet Acar’s wife, children and relatives, who came to the university site with the news of pain, had a nervous breakdown. The colleagues of the lecturer also experienced great sorrow after the death. Following the investigations of the police, Ahmet Acar’s body was taken to Numune Hospital for autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

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