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Transfer studies continue. Argentine midfielder Ivan Marcone, whom Trabzonspor made two attempts to join his squad, personally stepped in for his transfer. The 30-year-old player reportedly asked for permission by meeting with Boca Juniors, who did not accept the offers made by the burgundy-blue team. It has been stated that Marcone’s manager will also convey to Boca management that his player wants to play in Trabzonspor and will demand convenience.
COVID-19 HAPPENED Bordeaux-blue management had previously offered Boca Juniors a rental fee of 700 thousand euros. The contract also includes the option to buy for 2.5 million euros. It was learned that Trabzonspor, which does not look very favorable to increasing the number, repeated its offer to Boca and is waiting for an answer. Meanwhile, the last test of Marcone, who tested positive for Covid-19 twice, was negative. It was noted that the star player will start working again with the team.

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TESTS NEGATIVE Storm previously announced that the new test of one of the two players who had positive coronavirus results and were taken to home isolation was positive again. It was reported that no positive cases were found in the routine COVID-19 tests performed by other football players, technical delegations and employees in the team

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