Health Sciences University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Zor made important statements, stating that the increase of corona virus cases is also effective for people who become ill in the surrounding provinces to come for treatment, and that Ankara is expected to relax towards the end of September.

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Prof. Dr. Mustafa Zor said that the cases in Ankara have reached a certain increasing trend especially as of August and that they are faced with the number of patients above the expected. Prof. Dr. Both, „There are two important reasons here. One of them is our citizens living in Ankara, especially those who migrated to Ankara from the provinces around Ankara. Ankara, Çankırı, Çorum, Kayseri, Kırıkkale. And our citizens went here. The physical distance and the use of masks were not taken care of. They held weddings in more crowded environments. They worked together in the field. They ate together in the evenings in crowded environments. And they caused this disease to spread in one place. The second reason is that they went on vacation during the summer season. The physical distance and collective coexistence were not treated very carefully in the holiday regions. And these people have increased the rate of getting sick in Ankara after vacation, „he said. ‚END SEPTEMBER COMFORT‘ Prof. Dr. Noting that people who got sick in the provinces around Ankara also came to Ankara for treatment, „They came to Ankara thinking that they will be treated in better hospitals without knowing or doubting whether they have coronavirus. I think this is the reason for the increase in the number of cases in Ankara. ‚the fact I would say that it is sensitive to the issue, especially when the mask we look at the street. this is especially March, April, we saw the May period. Ankara really had watched with a number below the average in Turkey. currently the number somewhat higher, but Ankara more careful in this regard and attentive, I think „We expect the numbers in Ankara to decrease in the coming period. But of course this is a process, it will take time. We estimate that Ankara will relax towards the end of September,“ he said. ‚VACCINATION CAN START IN WINTER PERIOD‘ Prof. Dr. Need all over the world and the figures in Turkey expressed that in recent days a certain upward trend, „In particular, we are entering the northern hemisphere winter. Autumn and a certain increase in winter time, other viral upper respiratory tract infection also closed environment for the protection of the physical distance There will be a strain as we will live. These will probably be reflected in the figures. But promising results have started to come about vaccination studies. Maybe with the arrival of this winter period, vaccination activities may start to a certain extent.

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